Google Wave’s death…

Just a moment off silence …

I read the announcement today that Google is stopping it’s development for Google Wave. Not only stopping the development but dis commissioning the service end of the year.

The reactions on the net are divided. Some say it was meant to be, others blame the late opening of the ‘no-invitation’ policy. It is true at some point the invitations were scare, maybe too scare. But after opening the application to the big public only last May, the service still didn’t catch on. Moving the service to the Google labs was a good move, the history tells us that this is a good start for applications to mature. Google is notoriously known for being one step ahead in development or supporting new digital ways (google maps, Gmail, GoogleDocs,…) too bad they gave up on this one so soon.

As a wave user (apparently one of the few) I deplore the decision but the great news follows: they stressed again that the technology and application of it is groundbreaking compared to some others services out there. They’re releasing the source under GPL! A great move again! Can you imagine others doing this?

As a Wave user I wanted to recap on the great functionality I fell for:

  • Drag and drop files
  • live communication
  • gadgets and extensions (napkin, maps, voting, calenders)

So hoping the source Google releases is of any applicable use to the community, this ‘waver’ is waiting for the next wave…


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