Tomato splash

Last week a colleague of mine asked me if we could play with a camera to get a picture. The setup was to make a picture for his kitchen, a little corner that was blank and a little too blank… He is a big fan of cooking and being in the kitchen we had to do something with food… His idea was brilliant in concept and form:

Drop a tomato in a vase with water to have a dynamic image and narrow but high image.

We came up with this:
We put the vase on a glass plate, mounted a strobe under it and one softbox left. As a kicker a bare flash right high just on the splash.

This was done in daylight in a garden with a black cloth background. The reflection was added in photoshop and glass plate was stamped out. Hope you like it and tell me what you think!


4 thoughts on “Tomato splash

  1. arbje

    Wow!! Dit moetek zelf ook es proberen als ik binnenkort een tuin heb om in te “moshen”..


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