RIP SB600 – heloooo SB900!

I was on the verge of settling and being happy with my SB600 (good workhorse!) then suddenly I decided to drop it onto this earth in a nice bed of rocks… the flash head is dead and now I have to buy a new one: I considered a SB600 again but then in the shopwindow is saw the big brother…SB900 in all it’s glory. I wondered is it that much better? Is it worth the price difference? Lets see 🙂

As every good digital native I googled it. Here, here and here: nothing but praise! only the pricetag seems to be the issue (mine too!) a good 400€ still…

But I went ahead anyway and bought the thing. Now that I can play around with it, I wanted to share my opinion, as a strobist.

First off : I mainly use the manual setting with triggers so the whole CLS/TTL is not really my cup off tea. I wonder if this is going to change now I own ‘the flagship strobe’.

My first test was a wedding for a Japanese couple. They came to Belgium specially to get married in Leuven (groot begijnhof) my hope was the flash could keep up with the necessary flashes. I heard a lot of rumors the flash went too fast in safety (due to heat).

First pop: DAAAMM that’s powerfull 😀

Second pop: Cycle time! thank you NIKON: the cycle time on these SB900 is fantastic. I didn’t have my external power supplies yet but i wonder if they are even needed? Yes you would have an even faster cycle. But I think it’s not the point to strobe a model blind either…

Third pop: CLS activated and going strong! I never used the TTL or CLS on a strobe, I’m used to work with a yongnuo trigger, which is a manual strobe. But this time I activated my CLS and triggered it with my pop-up flash. hesitation was around when I noticed the strong sun, but I did not have 1 misfire… only when the sensor was covered offcorse…

I’ll be posting some more remarks. But the general idea is that the SB900 is a very powerful, easy to use, well build strobe. Where I used to work on manual settings I switched to TTL and it works great! With my sb600 I never used it, but now i feel ok using it.


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