SB600 revived!

Remember I bought a SB900 because my SB600 died?

This is the mess…

I started real gentle about it and opened the strobe to see the flash tube was busted.

Again the good digital native in me started a Google search: here, here and here

so some pointers you have to consider:

  1. Order the flashtube from Nikon or Ebay (8-30€ -> an official Nikon repair is 200€…).
  2. Disassemble the flash and take the batteries out.
  3. Leave for 3 weeks (REALLY !!! the capacitor is charged and a big zap is waiting)
  4. De -solder  the broken tube
  5. Replace the tube (watch the side with the wire!)
  6. Test the zoom while the flash is still open. (so the wires are tucked away nicely)
  7. Work neatly! (don’t lose any screws, remember what screw goes where…)

The result is this :


thanks Google 🙂


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