New Beauty dish… or is it a soft box

Hey guys,

I wanted to make myself a beauty dish a long time ago now, but always struggled with finding the right dome… One day I stumbled upon a nice dome, really cheap too (9€)!

So I was determined to make a beauty dish out of it. Problem 1: I like strudy brackets, not the ones I put my SB600 on and then the bracket lets go of the strobe…( remember?)

An exhaustive search on Ebay, several purchases later I found a good contender : Here. I found this bracket easy to modify to whatever I want to. It’s very sturdy and my new SB900 fits nicely on it!

Once the bracket was decided I mounted a nice big dome on it. Problem was (still is) the dome is too deep to get a nice beauty-dish effect… it acts more like a snoot. So I switched again to add some diffuse cloths in the dome and got a pretty good result. This with a minimum of cost. It’s quick and dirty but works as intended!

Now next step is to get me the same dome, another bracket and make a modification to the dome to finally get my beauty dish πŸ™‚

oh yeah, I almost forgot the result πŸ™‚

On the left with diffuse, right is bare in the bowl.


One thought on “New Beauty dish… or is it a soft box

  1. Wim


    Ben benieuwd naar de balletfoto’s van move-it in tessenderlo.

    Heb je een idee wanneer ze klaar zijn?



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