Eco mobility

Last year a colleague of mine supported a thesis he started some 5 years ago, this time as promotor, he guided the students in making good decisions and practical choices. The goal is to drive as far as possible with the engergy equivalent of 1l fuel.

Each year the thesis is taken to a new level, lighter car, beter transmission, better suspention, in short : better results. As my colleague and i got involved we helped out where we could, giving the tweaks it needed and the belgian record was broken twice in one year. We ended in 2012 with 2.655,7 km with the energy equivalent of 1l fuel.

The car is an electric driven ‘plug’ with a hub-motor, mono-coque frame and front wheel steering.

All the succes the energy team made was a great news item for different media. Journalists asked all kinds of questions, the students answered a bit unprepaired, but from sentiment. One question stayed unanswered, and this way it got me thinking.

Why are you making a car that drives only 35km/h and what is your goal with this?

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