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Loving Natasha’s pics i took a long time ago!



Ellen von D.

Contemporary Art – Marlies Vermeulen

I have the pleasure to know Marlies Vemeulen, a great artist from Liege. She makes contemporary art in form of ink drawings but doesn’t limit herself to a regular canvas.

The combination of what she draws and what she uses as medium is always original. Still keeping the convenient classy style that can be integrated in the contemporary house-style.

I’m glad to be the owner of some of her work and hope to get some more!

To get in touch with her and see more of her work:


Last weekend I had an awesome shoot with Cherrybilly, It wasn’t only really pleasant, I loved the result too!

Light assistant (and second photgrapher) : Sem Dendoncker

MUA: Connie Van Noten

The first concept was to put a fridge in a field and let Cherrybilly step out:

We were very lucky, the weather was awesome and we took some more pictures :

I Used 2 SB900’s: one in a 80×80 gridded softbox left and my softbox/beautydish on the right 🙂

I want to thank Ellen, Sem and offcorse the lovely Connie again for the great day!